The last concert(1997) before she got married. She decided to get a two year break.

This one is also "Can You Celebrate" but it's from Live Style 2006. I LOVE when all fans sing together with her.
This is my FAVORITE!

"Can You Celebrate" from Play Tour 2007. Just vocal with guitar in the begining which really brings her voice into a fabulous place!

This song was voted "The Best Wedding Song" TOP 1 by Japanese women for this entire song make people feel they'll live happily ever after.

Namie Amuro is the best also the most gorgeous Japanese singer to me (actually she's my favorite female artist). Lots of people compare her to Ayumi Hamasaki who so just arised after Namie taking her break After all those things she've been through (got married, gave birth, came back, and mother's death just the day that she had her second coming back single"Respect the Power of Love" ), she still maintains her DIVA place irreplaceble!! She's really a tough woman.

Namie Amuro will have her concert in TAIWAN on Apr.12 and 13. I'm really looking forward to those concerts (they cost me $9000 NT dollars)!!

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